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How it works

List your space for free

You can add a driveway, car park, empty hotel spaces or anything else.

Control availability

Only rent out your spaces when it suits you - whether that is from 9 till 5 or all the time.

Get paid

Get regular bookings and payments straight to your bank or paypal account.

Frequently asked questions

Can I rent out just the unused hours for my parking space?

You can easily adjust the hours your parking space is made available to book on LetParking. This means you can assign only the hours that you are out for work, for example 8am to 6pm.

How does a driver book parking with LetParking?

Drivers search by location on LetParking's app or website. Once they've booked and paid for a parking space, we email them with instructions about how to find and access the space.

How will we know who's parking?

We'll send email confirmations (and SMS too, if you like) containing driver information to you. You'll also receive a calendar of all bookings that shows you who’s parking each day.

What happens if the driver parks beyond the designated time?

Drivers will receive a notification and email 15 minutes before their time is up. Should they continue to park after their time is up, they will be charged two times the rate you have set for the time they have over parked. This amount (minus a minor processing fee) will be reimbursed to you when the payment is successful.




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